Thursday, February 6, 2014

Athlete Profile: Shani Davis

Shani Davis, a member of the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Unites States speedskating team, already has his name in the Olympics record books and is looking to add it to a few more records at the upcoming Sochi games. Davis solidified his name in the record books in 2006 as the first African-American to win gold at the winter Olympics and is now looking to become the first athlete to win gold in three straight winter Olympics. He shares the same goal as Shaun White, also a 2006 and 2010 gold medal winner. But the Chicago native (Davis) has had his fair share of altercations and controversy in his 25 years of speed skating. From his 2002 Olympic selection but non-participation to his feuding with the USA Speedskating team, Davis has not alway been the face of USA winter Olympics. But, the upcoming games in Sochi have been a different story. Davis has worked hard to repair his image with USA Speedskating and has developed into one of the leaders of the US winter Olympic team. Davis references the absence of Lindsey Vonn as a member of the 2014 US Olympic team as a reason he now plays a larger leadership role and Davis embraces the idea stating, "for me, my first and foremost job is to perform, and if that comes with me being one of the guys that is the face of the Olympics, I gratefully accept it." A new and improved Shani Davis eagerly awaits the 2014 Sochi Olympics as the world eagerly awaits his chance to become the first winter Olympian to earn a gold medal in three straight Olympics. 

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